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Complete the Culture Operating Strategy 6 step program to define your company's non-negotiable values and beliefs and ensure alignment within your executive leadership team.

Ben Utecht

Culture Operating Strategy 6 Step Program

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Ben Utecht

About Ben Utecht - Founder

Corporate Culture Expert and Super Bowl Champion

If you want a commanding corporate presence to inspire, teach, and coach how to build world championship organizational culture, look no further than NFL Super Bowl Champion Tight End and Chief Culture Officer Ben Utecht.

Ben is the recipient of the prestigious NFL Hall of Fame coach Tony Dungy’s “Uncommon Leader Award“ for his leadership performance both on and off the NFL football field. After retiring, Utecht began building a significant career across multiple talents. His speaking career launched him into the Fortune 500 community as a subject matter expert, focusing on the strategy for building high-performing culture. Utecht’s passion for people and culture then entered into a corporate leadership position as the Chief Culture Officer for True North Private Equity. Utecht is also an owner in the top US Ninja Fitness/Entertainment Franchise, Conquer Ninja Gyms, where he oversees all culture systems that impact every location. To complete his pursuit of practicing a winning culture, Utecht became a partner in Behavioral Essentials, a technology company paving the way for talent acquisition and leadership development through customized behavioral assessment results and benchmarking.

I believe that what you believe directly affects how you behave and perform.

Ben Utecht

Super Bowl XLI Champion, Chief Culture Officer, Tony Dungy Uncommon Award Recipient

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Culture Operating Strategy Program

Bring Culture Expert Ben Utecht Into Your Organization

culture keynote


Ben Utecht will inspire, teach, and coach your executive leadership team about the essential importance in building an objective chosen culture that improves talent acquisition, retention, and human development, also enhancing business development opportunities. 



The keynote will be followed by a one hour workshop with your leadership team that is led by Ben Utecht.

executive offsite

Leadership Team Huddle

Your executive leadership team will be coached through a 3 - 4 hour team development workshop. This workshop is designed to create deeper levels of team awareness and emotional intelligence. It focuses on understanding team behavioral alignment and identifying the behavioral attributes reflective of the organization's non-negotiable belief system.

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Culture Operating Strategy 6 Step Program

What's included?

The Culture Operating Strategy Program includes assessments, individual coaching, the creation of a culture creed for your company, and a formal launch of your company's culture creed for your employees in addition to the keynote, workshop, and executive offsite.


Assessments and Reports

Your executive leadership team will go through a series of assessments and reports will be generated based on the results of the assessments to scientifically benchmark their behaviors and values and align them with your company’s values. The E3 Assessment and E3 Coaching Report will be used. Results of these assessments will be discussed with each executive.


Executive Development

Members of your executive leadership team will receive one-on-one coaching designed to increase self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Each executive will participate in one 60 - 90 minute coaching session.

culture creed

Culture Creed Creation

Your executive leadership team will experience up to 3 meetings designed to understand and establish your non-negotiable belief system. A branded “Culture Creed” document will be delivered to your company that includes a detailed overview of your company’s non-negotiable values and beliefs as well as a branded accountability card highlighting your company’s culture.

culture creed launch

Culture Creed Launch

Your leadership team and employees will be trained on how to understand your company’s Culture Creed and use it in the workplace during a 90 - 120 minute presentation.

Ben Utecht's Testimonials


"Ben provided a great message to our group of financial representatives. During the planning process, Ben was great to work with. He took the time to get to know his audience and our organization and was able to weave in messages that were relevant to the group. I would definitely work with him again and would recommend him to others."

Jessica Schuppe, Field Operations Manager, E Minnesota/NW Wisconsin Region



"Ben did a fantastic job. On our program evaluation from the participants, he scored a 9.1 on a 10 point scale. He scored higher than Dr. Omalu. Our board chair said 'he hit it out of the park'."

Cathy Morrow, Senior Director


H.B. Fuller

"His speech today was spot-on for building a winning culture, but what made the difference was his warmth and personal presence that exuded with each and every person he met. We are so grateful and proud of Ben's efforts today. He was an amazing ambassador for the NFL, but more importantly of a husband, father and true champion."

Suzy Beesley, Manager, Office of the CEO

H.B. Fuller

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